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My first and foremost interest was, and is, in the field of intuition and psychic phenomena, and consciously or unconsciously, I have invested a lot of time and energy in psychic development.

Talking about any new age field, I have personally divided them into three major categories:

  • Healing Science - Reiki, Theta Healing, Energy Healing, Counseling
  • Predictive Science - Astrology, Tarot, Mediumship
  • Corrective Science - Fengshui, Vaasthu, Pyramidology

As a practitioner, you can choose to be a specialist in one of these categories with any system of practice, although I feel its very important to have at least the basic knowledge of other domains because that gives the practitioner a great view or approach to any case. As a receiver, it is extremely important to resonate with the practitioner you choose, because we believe a job 'well begun is only half done'.

Any of the above is a lot more effective if done with complete truth and belief and this is only a human effort for a better living, and beyond everything, the connection to source is the ultimate.

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About Us
About Us
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Sttellar Gateway abides by the law and provides all of its services only to people who have reached the legal age of adulthood as per their nationality. Anybody below that age will have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is exempted for certain cases of counseling. Our range of clientele includes students, housewives, industrialists, groups, corporate set-ups, aviation and hospitality professionals, etc., to name a few. Sttellar Gateway is an open forum to speakers who need help in any of the above matters and is completely a non-biased entity with powerful visions as well as ethical values.

Sttellar Gateway's primary hub of operation is Bengaluru, India; however, Rrishikesh Bhat also embarks on trips to Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. He makes frequent international visits to Germany and Dubai. When it comes to his work, Rrishikesh Bhat firmly pulls out all the stops by travelling extensively. He is also open to travelling to any destination as an invitee.

Since we reside in the age of thriving and ever-evolving communication technology, Sttellar Gateway is pleased to announce that we connect to people from all over the world through the internet or telephone.

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About Us
Sttellar Gateway presents you with an opportunity to become a certified practioner

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Certified course on
Angel Consciousness


Certified course on
Angel Oracle Card Reading


Certified course on
Intuitive Tarot Card Reading


Manifesting Workshops


course on Feng shui

About Us
we value our association with you, and so have set these terms in place

Most of the above-mentioned services are conducted in person, one-on-one, or through Skype. The services can also be provided to groups. Each service is priced differently, depending on the type and mode of service taken, hence, kindly feel free to ask for the pricing as and when needed. Some services may need written formalities, depending on the client severity. All of the above services are here to aid mankind for a better and meaningful living; thus, Sttellar Gateway does not nullify nor interfere with any medical, legal or any other expert advice and it does not impose anything to its clients.

Sttellar Gateway reserves the right of admission and also reviews the charges of each service periodically, to match the energy exchange value without any prior notice.

  • Service- Guidelines
  • Service- Guidelines
  • Service- Guidelines

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